Ashley Capital Looks Forward to Developing Industrial Properties and Long-Term Relationships in Flint, MI

Michigan | April 14, 2023

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Industrial Real Estate Property Flint, MI

Over 20 years have passed since the last vehicle rolled off the production line in Buick City (Flint, Michigan), and Ashley Capital is set to bring activity back to the area with the development of an industrial project. “This is a gigantic step forward for the city of Flint and Flint residents,” says Miriam Bingham news reporter for ABC12.

Ashley Capital officially closed on plans for the first 20 acres of the planned 350-acre project. “We’re looking at breaking ground on that first building. It’s going to be 330,000 square feet,” says Mark Quimby (Development Manager at Ashley Capital). He continues by affirming, “We’re really looking to build long-term relationships with the community in Flint.”

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